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Rusen ERGEC - Past President (2004 - 2005) (Past President (2004 - 2005))

I. Personal details
Name : Ergeç
Forename : Rusen
Sex : male
Date and place of birth: 3 January 1952, Istanbul
II. Education and academic and other qualifications
-1969: graduated from American International High School (Mons, Casteau, Belgium);
-1974-1975: Licentiate in political sciences and international relations (University of Brussels);
-1975-1977: master degree in international law (University of Brussels);
-1977-1981: Licentiate in law (University of Brussels) { René Marc Award};
-1985: PhD (University of Brussels) { Alice Segerhs Award}
III. Relevant professional activities
a) Judicial activities: none
b) Non judicial legal activities :
-Professor (“professeur ordinaire”) of International and European protection of Human Rights and
Constitutional Law at the University of Brussels (“Université libre de Bruxelles”) (1995-….)
-Professor of Public International Law at the Royal Military School of Belgium (2006-…)
-Member of the Brussels Bar (1991-…): practicing public law, human rights and international law.
-1985-1986, parliamentary legal advisor at the Belgian
-Member of the scientific committee of Revue trimestrielle des droits de l’homme (Brussels), Journal de droit
européen (Brussels- 1995-2002), Revue belge de droit constitutionnel (Brussels).
-Co-founder and Editor in chief of the Belgian French-Dutch periodical Chroniques de droit public –
Publiekrechtelijke Kronieken (1995-2003).
-Member of the board of the “Chroniques de droit public - Publiekrechtelijke Kronieken (2003-)
-Member of the « Société française de droit international » (French Society of International Law) (2000-…)
c) Non-legal professional activities : none
IV. Activities and experience in the field of Human Rights
a) At theoretical level
- Since 1981 actively involved in teaching and research relating to Human Rights, especially the European
Convention on Human Rights at the University of Brussels (Law faculty).
- Courses and lectures on the European Convention on human Rights at the Collegio de Mexico (1994), the
Athens Pandeion University (1993), the Law Department of Duke University (summer training course of 1989),
and the Académie royale de Belgique (1999).
b) Practice level
Handling of numerous cases relating to Human Rights before the European Commission of Human Rights,
European Court of Human Rights, Belgian Constitutional Court, Belgian Supreme Administrative Court, and
before the International Court of Justice in the Hague (1 case) and United Nations Human Rights Committee
(1 case)
Doc. 11359
c) Other activities relating to Human Rights
- Arbitrator appointed by Belgium with respect to the human dimension of the Organization for Security and Cooperation
in Europe (OSCE) (1993-2000).
- Vice-President of the Institut des droits de l'homme at the Brussels Bar {Brussels Bar’s Institute of Human
Rights} (1994-2000).
- Expert of the European Council with respect to human rights (1992- 1998; various missions to Eastern
Europe Countries).
- Expert on various occasions of the Belgian Ministry of Justice with respect to human rights (1988-...).
- Member of the Groupe d’études politiques européennes (Brussels) (1990-...).
V. Public Activities
a. Public office: none
b. Elected posts: none
c. Posts held in a political party or movement: none
VI. Other activities
a. Field: none
b. Duration: none
c. Functions: none
For my current activities (see above)
VII. Publications and other Works
- Les droits de l'homme à l'épreuve des circonstances exceptionnelles. Etude sur l’article 15 de la Convention
européenne des droits de l’homme, Brussels, Bruylant, 1987, 427 p.{ « Human Rigths under Exceptional
Circumstances. Study on Article 15 of the European Convention on Human Rights”};
- Regards sur la Constitution turque de 1982, Editions of the University of Ankara, 1988, 86 p.{ “Commentary of
the 1982 Turkish Constitution”};
- La compétence extra-territoriale à la lumière du contentieux sur le gazoduc euro-sibérien, Brussels, Editions
de l'Université, Bruylant, 1984, 115 p. { « Extraterritorial Jurisdiction in the Light of the dispute on Eurosiberian
pipe-line»} ;
- Convention européenne des droits de l'homme { “European Convention on Human Rights”}, (together with J.
Baron Velu, Chief Advocate General at the Belgian Supreme Court and professor at the University of Brussels),Brussels, { « Brussels and its Statute » }, De Boeck & Larcier, 817 p. ;
- Protection européenne et internationale des droits de l’homme, Brussels, Bruylant, 2006, 2d edition, 271 p.
{« European and International Protection of Human Rights”}.
More than 100 articles and notes in French and English on matters of public and administrative law, as well
as private and public international law.